Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I opened my e-mail just now to a pleasant surprise. My father sent me an e-mail. I wonder if I need his permission for a quote. Hmm...I'll take a chance.

He wrote: "I have re-read your story, and, upon reflection, I think it is really good. Much better than I thought at first."

I laughed out loud. It helps to have a blog and a father who shows an interest in reading it. My dad is a very fair man and I know that if he had re-read my story and still felt the same, he would not waver, no matter who reads this blog.

I must have learned a little something about the value of your own opinion from him (and you too, Mom!) because I did not let his opinion crush me and I pressed forward in my own strength. Thank you, Daddy! I love you!

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  1. You're a tough girl. :-) I'm glad your Daddy came around though b/c I think it's a cute story! Keep us updated on if you WIN! :-)