Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Hotel Next Door Comes to 401 Chestnut

Well, it has come full circle. So I was sitting in my freezing cold cozy little office minding my own business, when in walked two women from the hotel next door. They were out delivering invitations for a wine tasting on Tuesday. One of the women kept smiling at me like a goon. I kept glancing over at her thinking she looked familiar. But no, I don’t think I ever saw her before, however, her long curly hair kept haunting me until it hit me like a lightening bolt—she was the hostess who went into the kitchen and told “Edward” “Victoria says hi!” She’s the cause of my mortification over the past two months. Okay, maybe that’s not fair. I’m the cause of it, but she aided and abetted. When they left, I looked at the flyer and for 30 seconds I considered going to the soiree. But then thought, why would I pay $10 to attend a wine tasting when I don’t like the way wine tastes? And maybe “Edward” would be there, (it would be dark and they may let him out of the basement where I believe he has been hiding with all the other local vampires), but the more I think of it, uck, its just another occasion for me to embarrass myself. And I’ve also decided, its no fun anymore. The thrill is gone. I mean, I’ll still write posts if anything interesting comes up, but other than that—who needs it, right?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lunch Next Door

I know some of you (probably Dad) are tired of hearing about “Edward” and some of you may find it the topic that brings you back to check my posts, and some of you may not care either way, but only see it as pathetic. Well, it is what it is. So today Angela and I went to graze at the buffet and scout out the help at the hotel next door. No sign of “Edward.” By dessert I decided to just throw in the towel and I asked our server if Hollywood discovered our “Edward” (only I used his real name) – did he not work there any more? She didn’t understand who I was talking about and asked which one? There was more than one?? No no, we said, the one who looks like “Edward” from “Twilight.” “Who?” she asked. Whoa…she doesn’t know?! Then it clicked and she said, “Oh you mean So and So the Assistant General Manager?” I said, “He’s a general manager?! Did he graduate college? He looks so young!” She just laughed. I felt like grabbing her shoulders and shaking her and saying, “I want answers!” But of course, I am too non-stalkerish and don’t believe in violence. So I smiled sweetly. She said, “He still works here. I saw him yesterday.” I said, “Please don’t tell anyone I asked.” She smiled, “Oh no, I won’t.” I can guarantee she did as soon as we left, though. Wouldn’t you? Why can’t I keep my mouth shut? Guess I won’t be going back for another two months. Three. Okay, maybe I’ll be back next week….it’s a really good lunch buffet.

Monday, November 9, 2009

God's Creatures, the US Mail, Hollywood: Another Monday

I know not to start re-reading one of the books from the "Twilight Saga," but I needed to re-read "New Moon" before the movie comes out. I stayed up too late last night reading. (I finished it today at lunch so unless I start"Eclipse" tonight, I should be able to get to sleep early.) So of course, when the alarm went off at 6:30am, I pushed it back another half hour. ZZZzzzz. Which only left me a half hour to get ready in, which is almost impossible with my hair. But I got up and dragged myself in the bathroom, used it, brushed my teeth, got in the shower, washed my hair-- you get the picture. I was drying off when I noticed a black blur moving slowly on the wall. (I didn't have my glasses on.) I got closer to see if I was hallucinating. OH NO I WASN'T! One of the nastiest of God's creatures ever to walk the earth was walking the edge of my mirror like it was walking the ridge pole of a roof. I started screaming and had to leave the room before I fainted, where if I had fainted in the bathroom that nasty roach would have had a chance to crawl across me and my subconcious would know this was happening and just throw me into a coma where I would remain for hundreds of years and by then would wake to an earth only inhabited by roaches, wherein I would just have to kill myself. I shudder to think. So instead I sat on my bed to freak out a bit before I went back to kill it with my shoe. By the time I got back, it had made its way to the corner of my counter and that's where I smashed it. Never do that. It was disgusting. I could only stomach cleaning up part of it. I had to finish getting ready at work, because my half hour was up. When I got home I paid my sister $10 to clean up the rest of the remains.

While at work, our mail carrier, who always rings the damn doorbell, even though we have a glass door and she can see plain as day that I am sitting right there ready to let her in if only she would turn her head just a wee bit to the right and open her eyes and wait a second, left behind two stacks of our catalog mailouts. (I was at lunch.) Its that whole opening your eyes thing that I think she has a problem with. Anyway, I had to call the US Post Office to make a complaint and get her butt back there. Only you can't call the post office down the street, oh no, they keep that phone number in a safe deposit box at the bank. I had to call the 1-800 #, where I got stuck in Automated Operator Option Land. I finally just said, "Speak to a customer representative." Wherein the automated voice said, "You said speak to a customer representative, but we need to know what you are going to ask. You can say things like, look up a zipcode, or..." I cut it off and said firmly, "Okay, look for a zipcode." "Okay, you said, look up a zipcode. What city do you need the zipcode for?" "I DON'T WANT A ZIPCODE!" "It sounded like you said Duluth, Minnesota. Is this correct?" "NOOOO! Speak to a representative!" "Hold on a moment while I get a customer service representative for you." "Thank you!!" Grrrr. So then I spoke to someone who had to patch me through to the complaints department, who acted like why am I calling them, I should be calling the post office down the street. He gave me the number. I framed it.

Just one more thing and then I need to go further clean the bathroom. (With inflation as it is these days, $10 would only get the roach off the floor.)

I think Hollywood has discovered "Edward" and whisked him away from a mundane job at the hotel next door. Two weeks (and the two different times I sneaked over to eat lunch) and no sign of Edward. Unless he saw me coming and hid in the back. But no one else has seen him either. Good luck "Edward." Break a leg! (Watch out for stalkers.)

(This just in. Our apartments have cut the water off. Again. Perfect way to end a Monday.)

Monday, November 2, 2009

NaNoWriMo Day 1 and 2

The National Month of Writing began yesterday and I celebrated by writing 1738 words toward my 50,000 word goal. I need to be writing 1667 a day to make the 50,000 mark by the end of November. did not go so well. I am quickly doing the math in head to figure out if I can make it up if I skip today and Friday? I don't know. But I'll have to figure it out. I wrote 1738 words in two hours, so I should be able to catch up. I just feel bad that I came out of the gate full speed ahead and then fizzled out on the second day.

I'll keep you posted. Hey- can this count? I know, I know...but it was worth a shot. Wish me luck tomorrow. My Goal is 2500. YIKES.