Saturday, January 22, 2011


Hello again. I think I may be the worst blogger. I think I may benefit from reading Blogging for Dummies. I think I may be bad at this because well, of course one, I have not set aside time each day to write. The number one thing a writer should do is...write. There's a concept. But I think also, it may help to have an idea, or a centralized theme. I think I have exhausted my Edward theme. That wasn't planned by the way. That just happened. I am hearing a voice in my head telling me, "Don't let life happen to you. Make life happen for you." I'm creative, I should be able to think of something, right? I am good at projects. I am kind of lost without them- I just kind of wander around aimlessly. I am an artist, but I never sketch. I do projects. Paint a canvas, paint a stool, etc. I used to write in a journal every day, starting when I was thirteen. But then in my twenties, I got depressed and decided I didn't even want to relive what happened. I stopped journaling. I started writing a novel. A project. One that took me ten years to complete. If you ask me though, it is still not quite complete. It needs some revision. I hear a lot of authors had a "practice" novel. One that at the time they wrote it - they thought it was great. But then after they wrote a second one, it turns out their opinion changed. The first one was only practice. So I am moving on from that ten year project and am working on another one. I got the title in 2004. Does that mean this is another ten year project? I did not start writing it until last year. I have a long ways to go. But since I do not want to write my novel on my blog...I decided I will work my way through writing books. I have heard for years, if you want to be a writer, then you must read Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird. I purchased a copy of it years ago. Have I broken-in the spine yet? No.

Last year I turned 40 and decided to spend my fortieth year doing things I have never done before. Not really a 'bucket list', but if something comes up, I promise myself not to turn down an opportunity. I rode a Ferris wheel the first time ever in my 39th year, but I think that was the only thing I could claim as a first. This year, I ate a raw oyster. (It also helped that I was rewarded $20 for doing it.) I took a boot camp class and lost 10 pounds. Goodness, I know there was more to it than eating an oyster and sweating myself into my first bladder infection. When I think of the others I will let you know. point is that I will read Anne Lamott's book and then I will read another writing book, etc.

I went to a concert! I saw The GooGoo Dolls last fall. My first real in this day and age concert. I don't count going to see "Earth, Wind, and Fire" in 2000 a real concert because they are an oldies band.

I will try to be here at least once a week blogging about my thoughts on writing and the books I am reading. Maybe you'll be here too?

Good night.
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