Wednesday, September 2, 2009

From Afar

My sister, Jennifer, met me at my office for lunch and we walked over to the hotel bearing small gifts of New Moon chocolates for Edward. We entered the lobby to no sign of him. We walked upstairs to the restaurant and sat outside on the sofas waiting for the line to die down (and waiting for Edward to per chance walk by). He did. But he was on a mission. Dressed in a gray suit, I could tell he was helping with an event in the conference center. We only saw his back as he went to the kitchen.

Jennifer and I joined the line and were seated. I asked a hostess if she happened to see "Edward" to send him our way, thinking it would be nonchalant. She said, "Oh, he's in the kitchen. I'll go get him!" She came back to report that he was talking to the head chef, but that she had told him, "Victoria is here and says hi." Good grief. Either that A: scared him off with him thinking I was a stalker, Or B: he was just honestly too busy.

During our delicious lunch we did see Edward emerge from the kitchen to talk to some people across the room. Jennifer got to see that yes indeed he does look like Edward. But that was all our adventure allowed us today. Maybe next time.

Think I'll lay low for a couple weeks.


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