Wednesday, September 9, 2009

An Afternoon to a Brand New Me

One of my favorite books is one I read when I was 12. It was called Seven Days to a Brand New Me by Ellen Conford. Today I felt like Madeline Kemper. I went to the mall, although I had to go without my two best friends. It was Bonus time at Dillards Clinique. I was so excited. I have been waiting all summer. Right after work I drove straight to the mall. April found me gazing at "Moist Mulberries"-- that's Maddie's color. Mine is more like Bronze Leaf. April asked me if she could help me find something. I usually cringe at sales people helping me, but I blurted out before I knew what I was saying, "Yes. I feel like my eyes disappear into my face. Can you help?" She smiled enthusiastically and offered me a chair.

We spent the next hour talking laughing and putting make-up on me. April swept blush across my cheek bones and told me a wonderful story about how her mother, a dance instructor, told her daughters blush was vitamins and she would call her girls over to get their "vitamins" and then brush blush on their cheeks. April used a copper shade for my eyelids and a dark green eye pencil on the edge. My eyes were amazing. Usually I have to cry to get them to look like the color of the sea before a storm, but with a little of April's magic my eyes were transformed without tears. (Lisa in CO, I know you will be glad to hear that.) With my new Cinnaberry hair and my sea green eyes, (and my Clinique Bonus) I decided to show off my new look by walking all the way through the mall to look for clothes. I found a classic stlye charcoal gray skirt and a simple white blouse. I left the mall knowing "Adam Holmquist" would be putty in my hands.


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