Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Hotel Next Door Comes to 401 Chestnut

Well, it has come full circle. So I was sitting in my freezing cold cozy little office minding my own business, when in walked two women from the hotel next door. They were out delivering invitations for a wine tasting on Tuesday. One of the women kept smiling at me like a goon. I kept glancing over at her thinking she looked familiar. But no, I don’t think I ever saw her before, however, her long curly hair kept haunting me until it hit me like a lightening bolt—she was the hostess who went into the kitchen and told “Edward” “Victoria says hi!” She’s the cause of my mortification over the past two months. Okay, maybe that’s not fair. I’m the cause of it, but she aided and abetted. When they left, I looked at the flyer and for 30 seconds I considered going to the soiree. But then thought, why would I pay $10 to attend a wine tasting when I don’t like the way wine tastes? And maybe “Edward” would be there, (it would be dark and they may let him out of the basement where I believe he has been hiding with all the other local vampires), but the more I think of it, uck, its just another occasion for me to embarrass myself. And I’ve also decided, its no fun anymore. The thrill is gone. I mean, I’ll still write posts if anything interesting comes up, but other than that—who needs it, right?

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